Salesmatrix SWOT releases NetSuite connection

Salesmatrix annouced 01 December 2019 the support for Netsuite accounting clients.

Salesmatrix announces the release of their connection to NetSuite. All Salesmatrix products now have the option of drawing data from NetSuite accounting.


Leading the options is the Sales Intelligence app family of Salesmatrix SWOT. From within the app users can connect to their Xero data and immediately receive Sales intelligence at their fingertips. 


Salesmatrix Director Kim LeRoy notes that there is a lack of smartphone apps taking advantage of Sales Intelligence direct from cloud accounting systems. "Salesmatrix SWOT fills that void. While we have for several years had a web-based intelligence option with SWOT.Solutions, the Salesmatrix SWOT app provides sales reps with Sales Intelligence plus all customer contact details from the NetSuite accounting system in the palm of their hands. No special skills are needed to set up and the immediate Sales Intelligence will leave users amazed"


Salesmatrix SWOT on the Web can be located at https://SWOT.Solutions


Salesmatrix SWOT for iPhone can be located at the Apple App Store


Salesmatrix SWOT for Android can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.