How much does Salesmatrix cost?

Salesmatrix can be installed for as little as $100 per month.

Salesmatrix can also be purchased outright, and comes in a variety of configurations. We have generous multi-user options to equip your sales and management team with Salesmatrix and subject to certain conditions, existing licences can be credited against multi-user licence upgrades.

For more information or a free quotation or to receive our pricelist, please fill in our  quotation form.

I am upgrading my  accounting software; Can I continue to use Salesmatrix?

Be assured that your investment in Salesmatrix will continue…

Salesmatrix has been tested to connect to over 30 different accounting systems from around the world, from the small entry-level single user systems right through to large ERP systems for multinationals. If you are upgrading and you are wondering if it will be possible - here is a short list of some system changes our clients have made recently:

MYOB Premier


Business Manager

Advanced Business Manager

Attaché Business Partner

Attaché 7

The architecture of Salesmatrix makes it theoretically possible to cater for any change of system. However, keep in mind that the data from your existing system may not completely be transferred into the new system, or you may decide to start afresh with the new framework. If you have questions about how Salesmatrix will work with your proposed new system, don't hesitate to contact us. We can provide advise and even assist you to create Salesmatrix scripts that will return data in the same format you currently expect.

Does Salesmatrix have budgetting features?

From Salesmatrix v4 onwards, Salesmatrix has a very comprehensive budget creation module, allowing current data to be turned into comprehensive 4-dimension [Salesman, product (or product group), customer (or customer group) and time] budgets.

I need to analyse the transactions at one sales  location. Can I do it?


I need to analyse the transactions for one group of products. Can I do it?


Check out the    Create Subset    option in Salesmatrix v4.

This allows you to narrow your dataset to a particular section of your market and deal with that data alone.

The Create Subset tool creates additional smaller datasets without having to script or reconnect to your original invoicing system. For example if you want to focus on the sales generated by one particular product or from one supplier, or if you want to send the sales data for one state to that states sales manager, then the subset tool makes this very easy.

What accounting systems does Salesmatrix work with?

In a similar manner to previous versions, Salesmatrix can work with any accounting system that has an ODBC driver. We have several Premier Partners who have a trained dealer network capable of installing, supporting and customising Salesmatrix if required. These are:

  • Sage ACCPAC
  • Attaché
  • Attaché Prophet NZ
  • Business Manager
  • EXO
  • MYOB Australia

To see a comprehensive list of current systems we have successfully integrated with click the link below.

Downloads Salesmatrix

How do I get extra categories into the customer dimension so that I can take advantage of Quadrant analysis?

You will possibly need to talk to your software consultant, or to the salesmatrix support team to find out what cutomer categories are available in your accounting software. In some software systems there are anly 2 or 3 customer categories stored, in which case the categories will have to entered manually or created using the assessment tool. Call Salesmatrix for a quote on getting a script written for your requirements.

How can I change the colours in the Row and Column Graphs?

If you right-click on the graph you will get a host of new options that will let you modify the graph colours, axis details etc. Also included in the installation is a help file describing the details. Once you have a graph set up, this can be stored as 'default.oc2' and it will be used in future graph displays.

Can I analyse my Products by Supplier?

Yes, if the Supplier is available in your accounting system, this is able to be done easily in the Quadrants view

In the past I have used Salesmatrix on my desktop computer in the office and also on my laptop. Can I do this with version 5?

If you have been using a single licence for two computers in the past, call Salesmatrix Australia for a quote to get your computers updated.

Will Salesmatrix be useful to me, if I have a large number (10,000+) of products?

It's likely that if you have a large number of products to analyse, you're probably evaluating by product groups rather than individually. If this is the case, Salesmatrix scripts can be developed to import product group summaries rather than individual figures, which will allow you to analyse your data in the Salesmatrix environment without having an enormous & difficult to view cube.

Will Salesmatrix work on Terminal Server?

Yes, we have a number of users deploying Salesmatrix in this environment. Version 4 on a terminal server is sold as a multi-iser licence. Please contact Support at Salesmatrix Australia if you have any specific queries regarding this environment.