December 1 2018.
Salesmatrix today released native a Salesmatrix SWOT app for both Android and iPhone platforms.The app is available on the respective platform App Stores.

Feature Graphic _SWOT


Based on the the principals of the SWOT.Solutions website, Salesmatrix SWOT apps provide busy sales professionals with concise, useful intelligence on their customer and product base. 


As well as using the natural benefits of being native on each device, there are many additional features.


  • Favourite Customers and Products can be saved to personal lists.
  • Salesmatrix SWOT creates an intelligent list of the Top opportunities in your business
  • lists of the top performing customers and products in your business
  • When reviewing opportunities, you can
    • create emails,
    • hide non-applicable SWOT entries
    • store notes or
    • create reminders so that opportunities are not missed.


The Apps can be downloaded free and opened and used in demonstration mode. 


Existing users of Salesmatrix SWOT will be able to login using their current login.


Click on the links below or login to your App store and search for 'Salesmatrix'.

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