Salesmatrix SWOT Q3 release is now available on both Android and iOS.

Salesmatrix SWOT Release v 2.58 Available Now!

Before starting out their day, Salesmatrix users can easily review their customers’ behavior, sales opportunities and all up-to-date sales values from non-other than their smartphones. The app makes sure business people never miss an opportunity again by doing all the intelligent work and delivering it in an easy-to-read format. With just a simple one-page report, all of the important key points on customers are detailed and ready to be used in their day-to-day.

Latest Updates

Now users of the Salesmatrix app can experience even more! In addition to all of the features already available to analyze data, we’ve added some new features that will make things even easier!

  • The Salesmatrix app is now supported by iOS 13.5, giving iPhone users no trouble accessing their customer data.
  • While you could look up to 12 months, you can now choose to display up to 24 months of customer purchases or product activity. Great for those usinf tablets!
  • You can also now define the way you wish your product description to be presented
  • You get to enjoy a new layout for the Actions screen (as seen in the pictures below)


Always Working to Improve

At Salesmatrix, we work continuously work to come up with new improvements to make your experience even more fruitful than before. Like we always say, Salesmatrix SWOT will pay for itself over and over again, making sure your business opportunities are clear and visible for you to take intelligent steps on a daily basis.