In today's online world, understanding your market is critical. Competing against the online giants with incredibly sophisticated tools can make it increasingly difficult to maintain and win more business. Learn how SWOT.Solutions can generate the market intelligence to give your business the edge in the modern business environment.

What is SWOT.Solutions?

To start off with, SWOT stands for Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats

On our SWOT.Solutions portal we focus on the market aspect of your business.

Your market is the mix of your Products, your Customers and your Sales channels.

SWOT.Solutions is your market intelligence portal.

We aim to give you an intelligent way to view important information about your market.

This intelligence is divided into Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats

It can be for one segment of your business, your whole business or a collection of similar businesses – for example an industry association or a chain of outlets.


It doesnt matter the size or structure of your business, we can adapt a solution to meet the needs of your business.

How do we get started?

Our consultants will help you taking the data from your sales transactions up to our cloud portal.

There our SWOT intelligence engine gets to work mining the data and coming up with key intelligent information to enhance your market knowledge

Every transaction that is uploaded to the portal gets analysed and the SWOT results updated.

From the cloud portal our web interface gives your Sales and Marketing team access to a wealth of information to assist them in making smarter sales decisions.

    How can I use the  SWOT.Solutions portal to improve my business?

Have a look at our video presentation and see an example of the sort of information SWOT.Solutions will give to you.



Not only does SWOT solutions have superior market intelligence, but it also has tools to build unique customer profiles your customers including all the standard industry classifications pre-loaded allowing you to identify smarter opportunities, view their recent sales, drill down into the sales, see which other customer purchased a particular product and to graph the long term sales.

 There are CRM capabilities included with SWOT.Solutions, and many more useful tools to assist your business to get the best from your market.

 SWOT.Solutions turns thousands of transactions into easy to understand sales intelligence and has the tools to uncover a large array of hidden potential in your business. If you want to give the best market intelligence to your sales team why not try out SWOT.Solutions today, call your local representative and book a free demonstration or trial.

 In the US, Europe, Australia and NZ,  we have consultants that are trained and will help you get started.

 We look forward to assisting you get the best from your market with SWOT.Solutions!