Other Matrix Analysis Configurations

The version 4 Salesmatrix engine been refined and modifed so that it can be adapted to many business situations. Because  the basic functionality revolves around a simple 4 dimension business equation, the 'matrix engine' can be adapted to suit many business scenarios. The following are a selection of ways Salesmatrix has been practically adapted: 

Restaurant Matrix

Business Equation:


Mealtypes (Menus) are served at
Meal Times in
Restaurant in

Meal Revenue
Meal Costs
Number of Meals


Ideal for Restaurant chains who want to manage and compare meal types, times of purchase and effectiveness of promotions. Can be run from POS data

Output Examples: 
Mealtime by Menu example
Time of Day example
Menus sold per Restaurant example


Benefits Matrix

Business Equation:


Employees (and/or Beneficiaries) who belong to a group medical benefits plan receive
Procedures which result in
Diagnosis in

Cost of Procedures
Number of Beneficiaries
Insurance Contributions
Beneficiaries Contributions
A professional business intelligence platform for Group Medical Plan Managers, Advisors and Health Researchers. BenefitsMatrix turns Procedure and Diagnosis codes into readable descriptions allowing easy assessment of risks and patterns. Diagnosis can be classified into risk categories for early warning of medical cost blowouts.

Output Examples


School Roll Matrix

Business Equation:


Students are enrolled in 
Courses on 
Campuses in 

Course Fees
No of Courses
Ideal for Education Institutions who want to produce class lists and manage school fee payments and multiple campuses and course streams.