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PracticeMatrix does for professional practices what Salesmatrix does for the product-based retail and distribution sectors.

PracticeMatrix is a Practice planning, analysis and strategy tool designed to assist you in improving the performance of your business.

Business Intelligence for your Practice - Made Easy

  • Easy to follow wizards take you through loading data either manually or from an existing data source.

  • Test your strategies, check the impact of other factors on your Employees, Clients or Worktypes, and see the effect of seasonality, margins and staffing levels.

  • Review your total Time Billings in any two planes of a four dimension transaction view.

  • Focus attention on your top performers with PracticeMatrix Focus.

  • Instantly identify key variations in your time billing data, with PracticeMatrix Traffic-light analysis.

... and quickly answer the difficult questions!

  • Which of my staff are most productive?

  • What types of work generate the best gross margin?

  • What clients have not used our services in the past year?

  • Which types of work have good cross-sell opportunities?

  • Where are we missing opportunities within similar clients?

  • Which manager is responsible for most new clients?

  •  What client groups do we make the highest write-ons with?

  • What is the chargeable value and profitability of senior staff in each division?

  • If we set a goal of a 10% growth how many new clients will we need and additional staff to cope with the increase?

For more information see our PracticeMatrix brochure

or download a trial version of PracticeMatrix here