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"The 'Calendar Cheese' name was inspired by the Aboriginal custom of using the flowering of particular 'calendar trees' to mark the changing of the seasons. The flowers indicated the best time of the year for certain bush tucker. 

"Quite simply, it's the best money 
we've spent to improve our business."

Both our customer base and product range have grown substantially in recent years with the majority of our business coming from restaurants around Australia. Stock turns over about 40 times a year and the company manages its own distribution systems. 

We recognised the need for better analysis of the sales side of our business some time ago and conducted a search for suitable software, but couldn't find the right product. We even employed a person to write specific programs to try and generate reports on our sales performance, although they lacked the depth we needed to be genuinely useful. We were introduced to Salesmatrix shortly after this process and were delighted to find a product that matched our needs so perfectly. It was the missing link in the management of our business, allowing us to harness the power of our sales data and use it to build a more efficient, profitable and better business. 

The speed, simplicity and flexibility of the product were very productive. We've also customised Salesmatrix to provide a continuous flow of data analysis that is accurate and up to date. 

Our financial controller, operations manager and sales teams use Salesmatrix to analyse our sales results. This allows us to identify issues like: the performance of salesperson A compared with salesperson B; product A versus product B; margins achieved on each product; and sales patterns per customer. We can also analyse data by customer and combine pricing, margins, and volumes in real and 'what if' scenarios to work out the best approach for our business.

 We share Salesmatrix data with our employees and use it to analyse all facets of the sales process with instant results. This helps our sales force to make better decisions in the sales process. We also use Salesmatrix as a communication tool between management and our sales team to provide feedback on performance. 

Our expectation was that the product would be a data mining/business intelligence software application, which would allow us to go 'behind' the figures and understand more about how each transaction affected our business. It has delivered on those expectations-and more.

 Implementation of the software was smooth and seamless. Salesmatrix easily integrated with our accounting package and is simple to use. We often use Salesmatrix as a forecasting tool with customers before indent ordering, where we share printed reports and previous sales analysis to ensure both Calendar Cheese and the customer are getting a fair deal.

Salesmatrix has also been very helpful in managing our client base and our business to ensure we know who our best customers are and that we are taking good care of them. The product has delivered better business intelligence than we have ever previously had and it has helped us to achieve profitable sales strategies. It's given our small business the power that only big businesses have traditionally had through teams of accounting and financial analysts-but without the big overheads. 

Quite simply, it's the best money we've ever spent to improve our business"


Sam Hurst Director, Calendar Cheese

 Ph: 03 9646 1971