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An example from a Building Products Business


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1  Cust No: {1830}: Acra... has the following weakness:
Sales declined this past 12 months from $3280.00 to $1765.00, a -46.00% decrease

Could we resolve this weakness with these opportunities?

  • Has not purchased from products in category TOPPS for the past 13 months
  • Has not purchased from products in category SW for the past 7 months
  • Has not purchased from products in category SHW for the past 6 months

Cust No: {1830}: Acra... Contact: Graeme Haynes Phone: 9703234709955

2  Cust No: {1842}: Agne... has the following strengths:
Very Good cross-sell activity 71 different products purchased

Monthly (6-month rolling) average sales have increased 36.00% from $1563.00 to $2145.00

Could we improve this customer even further using this information?

  • Does not buy products in category: SER
  • 8 similar customers purchased Rigging Screw Jaw + Jaw 316gr0 95 times
  • 8 similar customers purchased Turnbuckle Eye + Eye 316gr 5mm 102 times
  • 9 similar customers purchased Turnbuckle Hook + Eye 316gr 6m 44 times
  • 26 other JGT customers bought Rnd 2" Oblong Flange 2 Hole 31
  • 32 other JGT customers bought Turnbuckle Eye + Eye 316gr 5mm
  • 24 other JGT customers bought Rigging Screw Jaw + Jaw 316gr0

Cust No: {1842}: Agne... Contact: Noni Phone: 5749749749

3 No Product Spotlights at Present


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