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Is your Sales Team benefiting from Intelligent Guided Sales? 


Imagine every morning receiving an email telling you where the most likely sales opportunities exist in your market... No number crunching, no reviews of hundred of thousands of transactions, just pure sales intelligence mined from your sales data.


Every day our SWOT cloud solutions send hundreds of guided sales alerts out to successful sales professionals. These alerts can be set to daily or 1, 2 or 3 times per week. For example:

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Check out some recent examples (with obfuscation) of daily sales alerts generated by our guided sales intelligence engine:  

What do our users say?


Geoffrey Sullivan, General Manager of Hamer Limited comments:

Our account managers have found SWOT gives them an instant view of the current position of an account as they call and then suggests the line items most likely to benefit the account. This makes every call an effective call and builds our reputation for knowing what the customer wants… before she or he does!”
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If you have an industry standard accounting or invoicing system, Salesmatrix SWOT can be installed in a matter of hours and your Sales and Marketing team benefiting from it the same day...