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Deceptively simple, simply powerful!

Dont show your salesreps - they will convice you that they need this today!


But the good news is that it can be up and running on our cloud server in a very short time.

What is it?

It is a browser based sales intelligence portal designed to give

  • instant pay-back 
  • an alternative to clumsy, slow-return, High TCO CRM systems
  • sales professionals plain English reports outlining key factors affecting the performance of their customers.
  • guided sales alerts to the sales reps


What does it give a busy Sales Rep?

SWOT.Solutions delivers customers-oriented Sales Intelligence based on over 100 analytics.

These are refined into categories Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and displayed in a one-page scorecard.

For example:

  • What has a customer stopped buying that they frequently purchased in the past?
  • What products does this customer buy regularly?
  • When did this customer last buy from us?
  • Is this one of my top customers by revenue or margin?
  • What do other similar customers buy that this customer doesn't?
  • Are we making or losing money from this customer?
  • Is the discount/margin percentage acceptable for this customer?
  • The most recent product sales for this customer
  • A 24 month graph of past purchases
  • …and the ability to have customised analytics that can be tailored to suit your business.

Have a look at how it can be soon at work in your business: