When the grid is show Customers in the Row Titles (i.e. a Customers by Period, Product or Salesperson view) further Customer information is available by double-clicking on each/any of the customers titles (descriptions) in the list.

Cust Intell Click

Category Comparison

This shows the Customer categories across the top, and allows each to be chosen. Rolling the mouse over each category heading will show the category that the currently chosen client belongs to. 

By default the first category is chosen. The grid displays the top products purchased by customers in this category, but products that are not purchased by the current client. 

Former Products Purchased

This displays a range of periods across the top that can be chosen depending on relevance. 

By default the duration 3 months is chosen. In the grid are displayed any products that were purchased in the previous 21 month period, but not in the last 3 months. Similarly, choosing '12 months' will show products purchased a year ago, but not in the last 12 months.

Product Opportunities

This routine uses market basket analysis to classify associated products. It selects the products that have been purchased by the customer in the period shown in the underlying grid and determines whether there are any associated products that have not also been purchased by this client. 

For example using cycle parts - if customers purchase inner-tubes 35% of the time they buy new tyres, if the customer has bought tyres without inner-tubes during the period, then inner-tubes will appear on the grid listing. 

The Products columns lists the product opportunities.

The Associated with column lists the product purchased by this customer

The Times purchased lists the number of times the Associated with product was purchased

The Confidence column lists the confidence level that the two products are purchased together by other customers.

Top Products

This simply lists the top products purchased by this customer

Last Sales

This lists the last purchases made by the customer, with details of the date, Salesperson and Product.

At the bottom of the Cell Details screen you will see buttons enabling the information to be:

Copy 16 copied and pasted into other programs (eg MS Excel/Word etc)
Mail _out 16 emailed, or
Text _code _colored 16 reported in an HTML format.