Excel 24Toolbar - Export View to Excel

Exports the currently displayed Salesmatrix grid to a Microsoft Excel file. If Microsoft Excel is installed on the machine it will be launched and the file will be displayed. The file is stored by default in the computer's temporary directory. Be sure to rename and save the file in an appropriate place,  to review the data in the future.


Salesmatrix only exports the first 255 columns of the grid to Excel. Until Excel 2003 this was the limit of Excel. Later versions of Excel are able to show more columns. If you receive the warning that only a limited number of columns wil be output, it is possible to output the entire Salesmatrix by first exporting the grid to HTML, and then opening the resulting HTML file in Excel.


If Traffic Lights is switched on, the traffic colour detail will also be exported. Excel 97 or higher is required for the colour information to be retained.