In October 2000 two business consultants in Melbourne, Australia discussed over coffee the issue of lack of quality information available to chief decision makers in business. They both had long been aware of the gap between having volumes of raw data and focussed decision-making gems. Long before the term business intelligence became a common technology phrase, these two decided it was time to design computer technology to assist businesses not just with static data reporting but with intelligent routines and a dynamic interface that would enhance business decision making.

In 2001 Salesmatrix version 1 was launched and became part of the Inmatrix suite of Business Intelligence software. It was raw and catered for only a small section of business needs, but the seeds of future success were planted. 2003 saw the launch of Version 2, with its scripted imports of data opening the way for many businesses to take advantage of the dynamic power of Salesmatrix. Version 3 released n 2005 added high quailty graphics, enhanced output and increased customisation ability within the Salesmatrix framework. 2008 saw the release of Version 4 with its Budget creation module, Market Basket Analysis routines, Opportunity Intelligence reporting and Trend Assessments making Salesmatrix a leader in dynamic business intelligence tools.


In 2010 the two original designers bought back the rights to the entire Salesmatrix product range. Expanding to the web has seen the release of Salesmatrix SWOT and SWOT.Solutions for busy salesreps on the road.


Now based in Europe and the USA with a worldwide network of distributors, the future of Salesmatrix truly is exciting!


Andre Gien - Sales Director 

+1 925 323 2802

Kim LeRoy - Design and Development 

USA +1 704 966 6622

Australia +61 3 9018 7253

Europe +90 541 269 38 24


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