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Ways to partner with Salesmatrix

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Salesmatrix is a one-stop sales and market improvement software suite. It fits every tier in the sales and marketing sector of the business; the CEO at the top of the chain, the sales manager, purchasing manager, and especially the sales team on the road. Give your clients the power of effortless sales conversions. Salesmatrix is so simple to use, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to benefit from every feature Salesmatrix has to offer.


Relevant in every geographic location, partnering with Salesmatrix enables you to tap into distribution agreements with healthy profit margins for a win-win outcome. Value-adding to your customers by partnering with Salesmatrix will give your clients superior sales intelligence and sales opportunities. We want to see your clients hold you in higher esteem because you have introduced them to this powerful software. 


Salesmatrix integrates neatly with existing accounting platforms, both in-house and cloud-based ERP solutions and stock management systems. Partnering with us gives your customers business intelligence and extends the functionality of your offering.  


Why Partner with Salesmatrix?

Partnering with us enables you to nurture connections with any culture, thanks to the multi-lingual functionality of Salesmatrix. We have mastered the art of sales and management with a focus on revenue generation and customer buying habits. Rather than a generalized app with functionality across many business management elements, Salesmatrix is highly specialized.


  • We bring out regular updates based on actual feedback from our users. 
  • As our partner, you can trial the software with a client or prospect with no risk, obligations, or payments.
  • We walk the journey with you and your clients. This means comprehensive and detailed training as well as ongoing support - whenever you need it.
  • We work with a company to ensure our software integrates with any platforms and systems. If there isn’t currently integration to a particular platform, we will assess and customize a solution to fit the requirements.  
  • Our implementation is lightning fast. Don’t wait weeks, we get most of our new customers up and running within 24 hours. 


Sign up as a Salesmatrix Partner and gain access to a premium selling tool that integrates effortlessly into a business. Optimise profit generation with intuitive AI-empowered software.

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