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1 September 2022

Salesmatrix update helps you identify MORE Sales Opportunities

When clients historically purchase the same product at regular intervals, it's an easy sale. What happens when these regular clients stop making their purchases?

Typically, the transactions halt and these clients slip between the cracks until they one day reach out again. What if you didn't wait for them to make the first contact?

What if you could find out why they stopped making those purchases so that you can find a way to retain the client?

You'd need to know exactly who buys what, how regularly, and somehow realise when they've skipped an order. It sounds almost impossible, but now you can. Salesmatrix's intuitive AI update will now give you a list of clients that have stopped making their regular consistent purchases.

This insight gives all of the details including what they bought, their average spending, how frequently they bought,  and the potential loss of revenue if you don't reignite the relationship. Use this feature to improve your client retention rates.

Reaching out with a genuine desire to find a solution and offer great service will never go unnoticed. The latest version is available on IOS, Android, and Windows. Download yours and retain more clients immediately.  

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