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Interactive Dashboards

In the business world, executives and managers commonly use data dashboards to track and analyze KPIs and other key metrics in order to develop their businesses and increase sales. A dashboard monitors what is going on with a company’s sales by collecting tables, charts and graphs. It allows a business to have total visibility, save time, improve sales and productivity as well as increase profits. By checking the areas of a business that are performing well or poorly, an elaborated and efficient strategy can be developed. 


The Team at Salesmatrix can help you to ascertain your needs, design your data requirements and build custom dynamic dashboard reports to give you control of your business.

Synching your in-house data to the cloud

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Salesmatrix allows you to check your live dashboard of data reports by giving you secured access to your cloud and allowing you to design it as you see fit.


If your company does not have its data in the Salesmatrix cloud, we offer a special synch tool that enables you to transfer your data to the cloud easily and effortlessly, thus unlocking dashboard tools easily. In no time, your data can be on our secure web portal for you to assess your business needs and move forward efficiently in your sales.
This data can be used to provide a cloud business intelligence portal in which you can create reports and analyze fully your data.


Our bundled reports can be used to achieve various tasks. From viewing your data and analyzing it, to sending information to your clients and creating new business opportunities, the list is endless!


You can also use the cloud to link the data to the Salesmatrix software and SWOT smartphone app!

Management Dashboards

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In business, team performance is everything. This is especially so in the sales environment. Sales people are driven by targets and are used to a fast-paced environment. A typical salesperson tracks his/her exact performance daily, weekly or monthly, and knows perfectly well whether they will hit their sales target or not.


To help your business get to its targets when it comes to revenues and sales, a sales dashboard is what you need to get a glance at your team’s performance.


Sales dashboards provide essential pieces of information that give you insight about your business and how it functions. It allowing the entire team to monitor their performance daily, weekly or monthly and serves as a motivational tool for friendly competition among them.


With a sales dashboard, you can easily identify what drives your business. From customer satisfaction to sales appointments and cycles, you can also understand which products or services sell fast and where, helping you identify where attention is needed.


Thanks to our designer tool, connect your data and create the type of report you need! Then, share it with your team and analyse it together for better results over time.

Real-time, customized dashboards give you the exact report you need to move forward in developing your business. Along with your marketing and financial data, you will get the entire business performance of your company.