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13 December 2022

...Productivity and rest really do go hand-in-hand

According to a Stanford Study, working longer hours does not make a team more productive. Head of the research, professor John Pencavel, found that productivity declines sharply at the 50-hours-a-week mark. In fact, those that work around 70 hours a week achieved the same productivity results as those that worked 50 hours per week. 

While ever-expanding to-do lists might make it appear impossible to reduce working hours, having the right tools can significantly alleviate the workload. 

Salesmatrix/SWOT eases the burden by reducing the number of time-consuming activities. With smart AI, you can identify sales opportunities without hunting the down, you can access customer details effortlessly, and you can tabulate your sales easily and effectively. 

If you have the app but you don't have the training, get the best possible value for your business and schedule training for early 2023. If you've been considering new software tools for your business, give Salesmatrix/SWOT a try, and we'll give you a free trial period. 

Get started with Salesmatrix and watch your sales blossom.

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