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4 February 2022

Salesmatrix Training Feb 2022

Are you making the most of your Salesmatrix and/or SWOT app? Are you getting as much as of the system as you should? Either way, we'd love you to join us on these upcoming webinars to see what is possible with our product suite in 2022:

Training Webinars
To welcome in the new year and reconnect with our clients, we're offering free training / overview webinars for all of our customers:
Salesmatrix v6 Data Cube - Monday February 21 - 1pm AEDST: (10am Perth, 12 noon Brisbane, 3pm Kiwiland)
45 minute session.
Last year we released Salesmatrix version 6, with not just a new look, but a raft of new features. This session will be a broad overview of the system, covering the Frequently Asked Questions of 2021 and some tips and tricks for every user. Book your seat now: Click Here.
Salesmatrix SWOT - Tuesday February 22 - 1pm AEDST:
(10am Perth, 12 noon Brisbane, 3pm Kiwiland)
The modern sales rep's playbook. For people interested in finding out about our smartphone app designed to simplify the power of Salesmatrix for your non-technical, sales force. Whether you are already using SWOT or not, this session will be a comprehensive overview of SWOT and its relationship to the Salesmatrix Data Cube. We will also be launching a number of exciting new features. Book your seat now: Click Here.


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