In these testing times, sales performance is challenging. Now Salesmatrix adds Product SWOT analysis on your smartphone, to help you protect your business and keep moving forward!

For 5 years now, Salesmatrix has been analyzing your Customers’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats using Customer SWOT analysis

But now, with Product SWOT analysis on your smartphone, we offer you powerful new features to enhance your sales intelligence and your sales representatives’ ability to increase sales performance.

 ProductSWOTLists40  ProductSWOT Actions

See how your products are performing with a detailed SWOT analysis on your smartphone!

Check the STRENGTHS for your top performing products, the WEAKNESSES that should be addressed, which customers and profiles have stopped purchasing those products, the OPPORTUNITIES to gain insight into which customers should be buying a certain product based on their purchase history and customer group. Then use the actions screen to directly contact the customer!

 To top this all off, we have added a new feature listing all the top Trending Products! See which products have been gaining traction in the past week or month and communicate with the customers who should also be purchasing them.

 If you havent already - download the SALESMATRIX SWOT app on iPhone or Android and check out real Sales Intelligence today!

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