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...determine what resources would be required for sales growth based on current performance?

You plan to increase Sales this coming year by 10 percent, but not sure how this will impact on the market factors. How many customers will we need to sell to? If we have a static customers base by how much will we need to improve our cross sell ratios?

STEP 1. Open your current dataset (or the dataset that matches the projected budget period)

STEP 2. From the tools menu choose Create Budget.  

STEP 3. Key in the desired value in the Volume change%

STEP 4. Click on the tab Correlation Drivers in the tabs in the centre of the screen.

STEP 5. Click the lock icon with the title "Unlock All"

STEP 6. The dialogue will display calculated values based on the current sales performance extrapolated to cater for the volume change. For example the growth of 20% may provide a change in the number of Customers we sell to increases by 25%, but the number of different products each Salesperson should aim to sell only increases by 5%.

These values are based on interpolation from existing data only. Business outcomes are based on many variants and outside factors, and values derived here are an indication at best.