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Displays a screen containing information regarding the creation of the current dataset. The advanced tab contains the query statements sent to ODBC during the import of the dataset. This is designed for use if data imported appears incorrect, or modifications are required to the original scripts files used .


Data Directory

The data path for the current dataset.

Date Imported

The date the current dataset was imported from the source data.

Script file used

The script file that was used to extract this dataset from the source.

DSN used

The Data Source Name that was used to connect to the ODBC driver.

ODBC Driver

The type of database driver that was used to extract the dataset from the source.

Licensed Company

The name of the licensed company in place used at extraction time.


Any modifications that have been made to the dataset after import will be listed here. This will include e.g., whether the dataset is a subset of another, or category or item description changes have been made etc.


The SQL selection statements sent to the ODBC source to make the extraction and the resulting numbers of records received from the source. This advanced detail is supplied primarily for support purposes.