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Create Alternative Periods

Salesmatrix can now expand the boundaries of the 24 month periods in former versions. If you simply require analysis of the past 3 months by weekly periods, daily over the past fortnight, or at the other end of the scale, analyse quarterly seasons over the past 5 years, the alternative periods now give you the ability to do this.


Choose the frequency of the periods for the alternative period settings. If the periods are weekly based, then you will have the option appear of when the weeks start each year.

From... Until

Choose the date range by either typing in the date or picking it from the drop-down box.


This selects the categories that each of the periods created will be categorized into. 

Create in

By Default, the only option here will be 'Alternate Dates'. However, if the Frequency chosen is monthly, then the option is given to overwrite the current date settings that were created at import time. This is useful if for example you have a dataset that is greater than the default two years range, and want to change the current default 12 months periods. 

Date Format

Date formats can be altered depending on the Frequency chosen to reflect a short form, or a form that will be sortable across the columns in the grid. The 'Sortable' format becomes useful in comparing the same period over multiple years.


This contains the default description that will be used to describe the alternate periods. This description can be changed prior to the Alternate Periods being created.