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...Get the Most Out of Salesmatrix

Salesmatrix is a great sales analysis and reporting tool, but beyond the basic grid interface, there are many tools and methods that can give results that go far beyond standard reporting tools. 

The Opportunity Navigator is a good place to start, and this unlocks a lot of answers, so check out that interface with the help system first!

Answers from the Opportunity Navigator

O0pportunity Navigator

The following are a sample of some of the other ways common business questions can be answered using Salesmatrix:

 1. Which of my Sales Channels are losing Customers?

 2. Which of my Customers are not buying products they should be?

 3. Which Customers have recently stopped buying from us?

 4. Which Products have un-exploited Cross-Sell opportunities?

 5. Where are we missing opportunities within Retail chains?

 6. Which Customers should we target a loyalty program at?

 7. Which Customers groups do we make the highest margins from?

 8. What products should I place together to maximise Market Basket Sales?

 9. What-If we set a goal of a 10% volume growth how many additional
     customers will we need to target and sales staff to cope with the growth?

10. How can we visually show which of our customers or Products are trending up or down?

11. How can we perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
       (SWOT) analysis?